A mixture of both my obsession - Men's Fashion and Electronic Dance Music. Check out how I like to express my self through the beats of EDM DJs and the latest styles of the top designers of the world! I hope that this blog allows all men feel luxurious, masculine, expensive, confident in everything they do, like, and feel... There's no room for sorrys in confidence but plenty of room for luxury.

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Winter is coming (by Ramonn Rocha)
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holden, ‘15, SC
this southern gent impressed us with various shades of green and a handmade color-blocked belt paired with brown loafers and a plaid tie. he even accessorized with a blue watch!
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Calliope Spring Summer 2014
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Casual Sailor (by StreetFashion101)




Amazed by it every year that I go and blessed that I get the chance to do so. Been going since 2008 (

On a side note…

I’ve seen Armin Van Buuren 9 times

Tiesto 6 times

Deadmau5 4 times

SHM twice

Paul Van Dyk 3 times

The Prodigy twice

Justice twice

Basically seen every act at least two or three times since going in 2008 :3

Ultra will always have a place in my heart, because It was the first festival where I truly got to witness the EDM world and community. I understood, that I wasn’t alone, And that many others around the world, shared the same passion that I did for EDM (:

Okay so this person is hella lucky like ultra since 2008 what like can I be you

I’m lucky but emotionally fucked (: It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve met some incredible people that I will never forget.

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Ultra Music Festival 2014 | LessThan3
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